What are the Symptoms of a Sick Coyote?

There are diverse diseases that can be carried by Nassau County coyotes , while some are acute , others are mild and can be overcome naturally by the animals. Rabies is one of the most prominent diseases carried by coyotes , the disease is acute in nature and mostly caused by a virus. Rabies can be transmitted from coyote to other New York animals such as pets (dogs and cats).

Hearth worm disease is another common disease found in Nassau County coyotes, as a matter of fact Coyotes are known to serve as the main host for the Heartworm parasites, and these worms can reside in the animals for 6 months or more until they are transferred through contamination of water and food , especially from the feces and urine of New York coyotes.

A rabid Nassau County Coyote may die within few days after contracting the infection, and some of the symptoms noticeable include; unusual aggressive behaviour, distemper, paralysis, tremors and convulsions. These symptoms may eventually trigger agitation and aggressiveness in the animals. The failure to eat can also be a symptom of rabies, likewise, un-provoked attacks from the New York animal.

Trichinosis is one of the commonest parasitic infections that can affect Nassau County coyotes. The disease is contracted when infected meats are consumed by the animal and the most prominent symptoms include; diarrhea , edema in the upper eyelids, soreness of the muscles, pains of the joints and muscles, and neurological disorders may set in especially when the animal is not treated on time. Most New York coyotes contract Trichinosis and some other parasitic infections when they eat food from garbage dumps.

Tick borne diseases are also common in Nassau County coyotes, these are transmitted through Tick or mosquito bites, and can cause a number of discomfort and other symptoms in the animals, especially when left untreated. Some of the symptoms of tick borne diseases include; extreme fever, muscle pains and severe rashes all over the body of the New York Coyote. Tick is a vector for some other diseases such as Lyme disease which can be easily transmitted to humans. Lyme disease in humans can cause partial paralysis of the face .

Most Nassau County coyotes in the wild are not vaccinated, thus their chances of surviving diseases are very slim, however, vaccinated coyotes can quickly recover or may not catch some of the transmittable diseases such as rabies. It is also important to vaccinate pets such as dogs and cats, especially those that spend much time outdoors.

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